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Footwork and Stances?

Do you teach footwork and stances as a separate thing? Like, front stance, back stance, horse stance, etc? Do you practice those independen…

Started by Wael in General Hapkido DiscussionsLatest Reply

Favorite Hapkido video on Youtube?

What's your favorite Hapkido video on Youtube, and why? Post the link here! This is mine. I know it's been around forever, but this old ma…

Started by Wael in Hapkido Techniques and Video LinksLatest Reply

Summer push for new students?

Hi all. With summer starting, I was wondering if any of you do any sort of marketing push or campaign to attract new students. Kids are out…

Started by Wael in Teaching Hapkido, Running a SchoolLatest Reply

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General Hapkido Discussions

General Hapkido discussions that don't fit neatly into other categories.

241 Aug 31

Introduce Yourself

The place for new members to introduce themselves and get welcomed by others.

6 Nov 6, 2017
Reply by Deke Rivers

Hapkido Training Tips and Questions

Tips, suggestions or questions about actual Hapkido training.

39 Jun 16, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Hapkido Techniques and Video Links

Discussion of specific Hapkido techniques. How they are done, effectiveness, links to videos, etc.

24 Jun 16, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Teaching Hapkido, Running a School

Discussions about teaching Hapkido or running a successful Hapkido school.

38 Jun 20, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Hapkido Schools

Find a school, school recommendations, school experiences, macdojangs

7 Jan 9, 2014
Reply by Greg Kitchen

The Hapkidoist: Character and Behavior

How does a "Hapkdoist" behave? What does it mean personally to practice Hapkido? How should it affect your character?

18 Nov 20, 2014
Reply by Ricky Fox

Hapkido Philosophy

Discuss the philosophy behind Hapkido.

8 Jul 10, 2014
Reply by David Mills

Hapkido History

Information and questions about Hapkido's history and development.

4 May 30, 2012
Reply by Kevin Sogor

Self-defense, Combat, Fighting

Share your experiences using Hapkido in realistic self-defense or combat situations. Suggestions and questions are welcome as well.

10 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

Hapkido Styles

Discuss different styles of Hapkido.

5 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by William pija

Hapkido in Korea

Discussions about Hapkido in Korea and how it differs or compares to training elsewhere. Also recommendations for dojangs in Korea.

5 Dec 21, 2015
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Hapkido Uniforms, Equipment, Weapons

Discussions about all the "stuff" we use in Hapkido training. Note that "weapons" in this category refers more to the weapons themselves than to their use.

16 Apr 21, 2016
Reply by Daniel McCullar

Hapkido Books and DVDs

What Hapkido books or DVDs do you recommend? Or not recommend? Share your views.

16 Aug 18, 2014
Reply by Wael

Martial Arts Movies and Stars

Talk about Hapkido and other martial arts movie figures and the movies themselves. This category is for feature films, not instructional DVDs.

7 Dec 16, 2013
Reply by Daniel McCullar

This website

Discuss this website. Compliments are welcome! Also suggestions, ideas, or questions.

8 Nov 26, 2011
Reply by Wael

Fitness and Health

General discussions about diet, health, fitness, exercise, etc.

4 Jun 1, 2015
Reply by Wael

For Sale or Wanted

Do you have something to sell? Are you looking for a particular product? This is the place. IMPORTANT: 1. HapkidoNetwork.com does not endorse any of the products offered here. We are not responsible for any representations, accurate or not, made by sellers. 2. Commercial or retail sellers are welcome to post a single link and description here, but do not spam the forum with multiple product listings.

1 Mar 16, 2011
Reply by Daniel McCullar


Jokes (any kind, not necessarily martial arts related), funny video clips, funny stories, etc. Nothing explicitly dirty please.

2 Jun 9, 2012
Reply by Daniel McCullar




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